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♥Membership in Colorado Romance Writers due before January 31st♥
Thank you for renewing your membership with CRW!
We know that together we can accomplish great things.
Together We Can…
~support one another
~share industry news
~encourage one another
~cheer for one another
~cry with one another
~learn from each other
and so much more.

Annual dues are $35.00 for 2022.
As a reminder, we meet on the second Saturday, each month via Zoom. We hope to resume in-person meetings as soon as we can while keeping an interactive virtual format for members who live out of town or feel more comfortable attending from home.
***Annual dues are due on or before January 1st of each year. Membership renewal dues will be paid via PayPal or Check. CRW membership shall lapse for all members whose payment is not received by January 31st.
At this time, dues are not prorated regardless of your sign-up date.