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Beginning Facebook Ads for Romance Authors by Aidy Award
March 1 through March 31

This is a Facebook group class exclusively:

Presented with Facebook live videos you can watch either live or when it fits your schedule (transcripts will not be available). Plan to watch as many live as possible to get your questions answered in real time.

The videos will cover:

– Figuring out which book to advertise
– Calculating your return on investment
– Getting inspiration and Creating your own images for your ads
– Creating an audience to advertise to
– Creating a traffic ad
– Figuring out if your ad is working
– Testing for the best image, ad copy, and audience

We will have homework for you to share in the class for feedback. We’ll also have weekly Q&As.

The class will run from March 1st to March 31st.

Aidy will give feedback during March, but will keep the group updated with any news and changes throughout April, 2021. While the FB group classroom will be moderated until April 30th, it will officially close May 1st.

Aidy suggests having an ads budget of ideally, $100 earmarked to actually run your ads throughout the month long course.

If this class is not for you, you should know by the end of the first week. Contact us and we will refund the class no questions asked and remove you from the group.

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