Colorado Romance Writers (CRW) is excited to announce a new moneymaker idea for 2017—a nuts and bolts type book filled with CRW’s publishing knowledge.

We are planning to publish this book on-line and print the books in time for the RWA Conference.  We are asking you to provide your insights into one or more of the multiple categories selected.  Get creative and let the fun begin.

Deadline (To be confirmed)

Submission Deadline: May 15th

Format (Draft) Deadline: June 1th

Edit and Cover Deadline: June 26th

Proofread Deadline: July 1st



Select one of the categories below, and write something. It could be as short as 500 words or as long as it needs be to cover the topic in a tight and precise manner.  Once the document is self-edited navigate to the input form and fill in the necessary information. Be prepared to enter your pen name, bio, website, the category you selected, and a catchy title for your submission.

Yes, please submit more than one submission. However, we encourage everyone to participate so no more than three submissions per person.  Thanks.


Below is a list of categories selected for this fun exercise.

A couple of notes:

1)    The sub-categories are there to help stir the creative juices and to give an idea of what is included in each category. Please feel free to invent your sub-segment as long as you feel it will fit inside the body of the central segment.

2)    You don’t need to recreate the wheel. If you have a particular piece, you have written for a blog post or workshop, and feel it is relevant, submit that article.


Category Suggestions
Writer’s Life Accepting critique

Finding beta readers

No muse

Production schedule

Increase your word count

Focus in a world of distractions

Getting organized

Plan for the next level

When everything goes wrong

Becoming the CEO

Self-Publishing Distribution Channels – Amazon, iBooks, Kobo, D2D, Ingram Sparks,  CreateSpace, etc.

Product types – eBook, Print, Foreign Language, Audio, Boxsets, Kindle World, etc.

Advertising – Facebook, Amazon, Blog Tours, Bookbub, etc.

Hand-selling techniques

Writing to market

The launch plan

Self Promotion

Selecting the right vendors (Editors, cover artists, proofreaders, assistants, etc)

Creating a business

Something other than “buy my book”

Career Branding

Business Plan

Financial Plan

How to get the money

Writing as a partnership

Reinventing Yourself

Getting others to share your vision

Craft Plotting




Turning Points

Cliché with a twist

Synopsis writing


Emotion – Deep POV’

Sexual Tension

Motif and Metaphor


Series Arc

Series Bible

Research Organizing your Scenes

Law and Order

Forensic Anthropology

Research for Amish novel

Research for a historical novel

Getting the details right


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