Welcome to Colorado Romance Writers

Colorado Romance Writers, established in 1988, provides an active hub for all romance authors in Colorado and a virtual home for romance writers all over the globe.

CRW is more than just a once-a-month meeting, we are a community dedicated to excellence and lifting each other up to that next level, whether that means finishing your first book or publishing the sixth. We are an inclusive and positive group of authors interested in all manners of publishing, marketing, and more.

Our programming covers everything from writing craft to all the eccentricities of being an independent or traditionally published authorpreneur.

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If you are interested in writing romance, geeking out with fellow romance writers, and taking your writing to the next level, stop by and see how we can best serve your writing wishes, needs, and desires.

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Colorado Romance Writers meets the second Saturday of each month.

All meetings are currently held virtually via Zoom. We will resume in-person meetings at a future date, and at that time we will also maintain a virtual option for our members who are geographically distant or prefer to attend virtually.

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